Shiloh Kairos

Mark Andrew Turner

“A little over four years ago I had an illness that almost caused me to leave this
little planet of ours. It was a very dark time which caused me deep physical and mental suffering. I will not go into details at this moment.

At that point I vowed, that from the darkness I was going to emerge in the brightest, best version of myself I possibly could, into pure light. It was around 8 months recovery, and such pain physically and mentally. There are no words to communicate the feelings of the seemingly endless, torturous marathon that I was running.

The decision was made in my heart. I wasn’t leaving this planet until I experience the greatest, purest brightest life I can possibly imagine. Then it started…. I didn’t need to do much. That decision triggered a transformation in my life that was quite unbelievable. Something, somewhere, pressed the reset button.”

Shiloh Kairos is currently travelling within Portugal, where his amazing connection to source is guiding him in what he needs to discover. Part of this guidance includes healing others he meets on his path, assisting people in dealing with their internal blocks and offering spiritual guidance to those who need it.

Mark Andrew Turner“I left for Portugal and have since had some more amazing experiences, deep visions and synchronicity beyond words. Almost two months up a mountain on the Sera Da Estrella, living in a yurt. More deep meditating, self exploration and writing. It felt a bit isolated, but that was serving on a level. Almost two weeks in Sintra and now in Tomar. The reason being that I had some visions about the Knights Templar that I have been exploring. What is unfolding, is quite amazing. It’s ongoing.”

This is an unfolding journey for Shiloh Kairos, so this information is incomplete and will be updated regularly to reflect his path.

Shiloh Kairos