Baptism – River Jordan 19th Oct 2017

Baptism – River Jordan

I journeyed to be Baptised in the River Jordan after spending some days in Jericho and climbing up to the Monastery on the Mount Of Temptation.

Something incredible happened at the Baptism. There were hundreds of tourists in the water and around the banks and no space to move. It seemed like I wasn’t going to get any space to move or to instil any sense of Sacredness to the moment.

I said a little prayer and waited. After around 10 minutes the whole place cleared until it was only me standing alone along the entire bank with a friend who was photographing.

The space lasted around 10 minutes before it filled entirely again. The Baptism was incredible and so deeply Sacred. The clearing of people was amazing beyond words.

The journey then took me down to the Dead Sea before hitchhiking back into Israel. An amazing and beautiful bus tour group of Australian Pilgrims kindly gave me a life back to Jerusalem.


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