Let Go

Let Go – The Route To Your Perfect Life

LeT Go – the Route to your perfect life

by Mark Andrew Turner

Let GoThe reason for life is to allow the soul to manifest fully within the human being. Life experiences are all geared towards this. Many of our experiences manifest in order to show us what we are, through the duality – We can recognise what we are through experiencing and understanding it’s opposite.

The ego needs to believe in the love of the soul, before it will relinquish control. This is what some may call faith.

The ego has been conditioned by this world to be in fear. Yet fear is an illusion of the mind. The love of the soul is always manifesting life situations to convince us to let go of fear. If the ego holds on too tightly, sometimes pain is required to convince the ego to release its grip.

Sometimes the ego needs to break completely in order to let go into the love of the soul. Life then becomes a test of how quickly we let go into the pure love of the soul.

The relationships and experiences we have as we move through life will directly reflect the relationship we have with ourselves. They will manifest as a direct reflection of the relationship we have between the ego and the soul.

Self love is the process of harmonising the relationship between the ego and the soul in order that they work in perfect balance together. Within this state we no longer seek to control our lives through thought, thus allowing the soul to manifest our divine purpose and to allow it in our moment to moment unfolding life.

When you live in the moment, everything unfolds perfectly.Let Go

When we achieve a state of unconditional self love, our ego and our soul merge together into one. The illusion of separation ceases and our perfect life will open before us. The soul and the ego dancing beautifully together in a state of oneness. All external relationships and experiences will directly reflect that beautiful harmony. We will attract nothing but pure love into our lives in every aspect.

The next time that something in your life gives you pain, ask yourself what you are holding on to that makes it hurt. It’s showing you something deep within. The external situation is not to blame, instead it’s a messenger showing you how to heal the relationship you have with yourself.

What fears are you holding on to? If you don’t get message, it will keep repeating, over and over until you let go into love. Your soul just wants you to heal and allow the love that it’s made of, to shine through you. Everything that is not love will be removed on this path through life.

Take the easy route if you want the perfect life, all you need to do is let go and allow the unconditional love of your soul to fill you up, and allow its voice to fill your heart and guide the way.

Life is not actually happening TO you,….. instead you are creating it by how much you resist the true nature of your soul. To heal your life completely,  just embrace the love that you are and watch it heal your world and all within it.

Your perfect life awaits, whenever you are ready to let go….

Mark Andrew Turner

Photographs © Mark Andrew Turner Photography

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