The Only Way Is Love

The Only Way Is Love by Mark Andrew Turner

Everything in this physical reality is energy. Every thought and intention will create a unique energy frequency that is emitted by each person.

Energy responds to energy, regardless of time or distance. Everything in this reality that matches that frequency will draw towards you.

People, objects and situations that match the energy we emit. Like a giant The Only Way Is Lovemagnet, we attract everything that we focus on. Negative energy creates lower frequencies, positive energy creates higher frequencies.

Thoughts and intentions are very unique and contain much depth.

No two thoughts or intentions can be the same, like a unique fingerprint of what created them. Many experiences through the soul’s path spanning many lifetimes have created these unique fingerprints.

The soul essentially comes preprogrammed with intentions of learning certain lessons in each lifetime. These intentions draw towards us the very thing we want to learn. Although, often we are not immediately conscious of such intentions, we can increase this by becoming more self-aware with tools such as meditation.

Clues can be sought by exploring what we feel attracted to. Exploring attraction further within the self can reveal many soul intentions of learning.

We also attract people, objects and situations towards us by free will.

Whatever we choose to focus our minds on, our thoughts, will emit that specific frequency. This will draw towards exactly what we focus on. Much human conditioning has programmed us to constantly think. Essentially taking us away from the soul’s path.

There is one energy that links everything together. One energy frequency that is not unique that resides within us all.

The Only Way Is LoveUnconditional Love. The pure essence of soul.

This emits a very high frequency energy. This is our default state. When you remove all fears, thoughts and human conditioning that exist in the mind, only pure unconditional love remains. It’s what we are made of.

This energy links everything together in this physical reality. Separation is only a perception caused by the human ego in this three-dimensional state.

There is in actual fact no separation, we are all One energy of pure unconditional love. This is why, when we stop thinking, when we strip back the conditioned mind, only our true state of being exists.

In this state we begin to merge with one another, hence the reason perceived psychic ability exists. It’s just the Oneness merging back together in this physical state.

We begin to feel each other on a deep level, when we allow it. It’s our true nature….we merge back into One love. There are many tools we can use to stop thinking. Meditation being a very popular choice.

Every human is a fragment of unconditional love, a soul on a unique path in this three-dimensional state. Learning what it is through experiencing the duality.

In order to recognise something, we need to experience it’s opposite. Yet behind the illusion of this dense three-dimensional reality, nothing can change the fact that every one of us is pure unconditional love.

There is so much more I could say on this. So many different aspects to it. The only responsibility we have is to let go of fear, back into self-love. Breathe love into you heart, into your body, in every breath.

Feel the love that you are expanding through every cell in your body and stretching out into your aura, further and further out into the world. Then, watch the magic take place as you shine love into everyone you meet, every situation in your life, watch your body and your mind heal, watch as you attract nothing but pure love into your life….just by being the love that you already are.

Watch the oneness that we are, merge back into itself on this beautiful journey home. Where there is not separation, but pure love and togetherness way beyond your wildest dreams.

Mark Andrew Turner

Photographs © Mark Andrew Turner Photography

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