Your Unique Gift

Your Unique Gift

Your Unique Gift

by Mark Andrew Turner

Your Unique GiftThere is only one person in this world that can possibly know your every thought, every intention and know every experience that you’ve had. All of which forms your unique perspective of each and every changing moment in your life.

That person is you.

There’s no other person in this world that can see the world through your eyes. There’s no other person in this world that can know you, to the level that you know yourself, not even close.

You have had millions of experiences and thoughts that have shaped who you perceive yourself to be, and how you perceive this world. You are a unique fingerprint of consciousness.

When you perceive other people, you cannot possibly know them to any great degree, because, like you, they are also completely unique. Therefore you can only make a judgement on another person based on what you know yourself to be.

Which means, when you make a judgement on another person, you are actually only judging yourself, based on what you know about yourself. Every person in this world is a mirror, reflecting an Your Unique Giftaspect of you back to you.

When we begin to accept this, we realise that the way someone treats us is not based on who we are, but based on what that person judges their self to be.

Their behaviour is actually based on their own self perception, because you are mirroring to them their own self judgement. With that knowledge, it is no longer necessary to react to the behaviour of another.

Know that the way someone treats you is not personal to you and know that the other person is using you as a mirror in order to be conscious about themselves in order to heal. You are a divine healer for everyone you meet, and everyone you meet is healing you by making you aware of your own self judgements, by what you judge in them.

When you completely accept yourself and remove all self judgement, you are making peace with everything and every person in your life, back into pure love.

By loving yourself, you are loving everyone and everything in your world, and creating an epidemic of love that heals everything on this planet.

The unique gift that you have for this world… is you.

Mark Andrew Turner

Photographs © Mark Andrew Turner Photography

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